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Cross-curricular Maths

There are many ways that we use our maths skills and knowledge beyond our daily maths lessons.

Here are some examples of our cross-curricular maths.

Class 9

Class 9  1 Class 9 used ratio in history
Class 9  2 Class 9’s reasoning skills were needed in history.
Class 9  3 Exploring Pythagorus’ Theorem in class 9.

Class 8

Class 8  1
Class 8  2
Class 8  3
Class 8  4
Class 8  5 Exploring the Greek Number System
Class 8  6 Placing Greek civilisation on a timeline
Class 8  7 Interpreting data from the 2012 Olympics
Class 8 measured the distances of each of the planet from the sun using a scale of 1000 km to 1cm.

Class 7

Class 7 1 Class 7's cross curricular maths and science display

Class 5 and 6

Class 5 and 6 1
Class 5 and 6 2
Class 5 and 6 3
Class 5 and 6 4
Class 5 and 6 5

Classes 5 and 6 topic we have been learning about significant events during the lifetime of Dr Seuss. Concorde was launched during this time so, using trundle wheel and metre sticks we measured out the outline of Concorde -full size on the field! Then we made fact-files about it!

Class 4

Class 4 1 Class 4 have used the Euro's for time and shape

We have been making the most of Euro 2016! Looking at what time football matches start, when half time is and when matches finish.  Then we have answered questions based on time intervals during football matches, such as 'If Rooney scored after 35mins what time would it be?'  As our lesson focus changes we are adding to Class 4's football team! This week our footballers have prepared shape riddles as their teamtalk!

Class 3

Class 3 1

This term we have been learning about animals in science. We sorted animals into a Venn diagram according to what they eat.  We used labels carnivore, omnivore and herbivore. We also took a class survey about our favourite mammals and created a tally chart and a block graph. We then asked questions about our data.

Class 2

Class 2 1
Class 2 2
Class 2 3
Class 2 4
Class 2 5
Class 2 6
Class 2 7
Class 2 8
Class 2 9
Class 2 10
Class 2 11

As part of our work on sea mammals in science we looked specifically at different types of whales.  We went outside and measured out on the playground the actual size of a Blue Whale and a Humpback Whale.