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Fox Class Harvest Festival Poem

Fox Class Harvest Poem 2017


Getting up early, ready to work,

Farmer Fred irons his best chequered shirt, (LS & FP)

An excited Farmer stared at today’s date,

For this year’s Harvest job he could not wait, (JR & LH)

He’d been counting the days on his calendar,

“Yippeeeee!” they could hear him in Canada. (JN & HA)


As spring sprung to life,

Breakfast was cooked by his lovely wife, (TB & AT)

Nature woke from its winter sleep,

Many seeds were in a heap, (IR & LT)

Carrots, Potatoes, cauliflowers and leeks,

Planting the seeds they soon shall eat. (DB & ET)


Farmer Fred waking up his machines,

So they can have a check, polish them and make the clean, (FD & BL)

The potatoes lay in their muddy bed,

Strawberries are putting on their coat of red, (TF & MD)

Autumn is approaching, on its way,

Fruits are growing juicier day by day. (KW & WH)


Starting tractors, coughing gas,

As they roll out onto the grass (OE & HW)

Farmers tending to their herds,

Working machines, listening to the birds, (HR & KA)

The autumn days beginning to sprout,

Bye Bye summer, for this year, it’s out. (LC & AM)


Staring out of the misted windows,

Watching a flock of migrating swallows, (MA & MP)

Crackle, Crackle, the trees rock,

Orange, red, leaves about to drop, (LH & FT)

The wind is whirling like a bat,

Be careful not to lose your hat. (GP & EA)


There is so much fruit and veg,

It will pile higher than your hedge, (LQ & AG)

Now winter is here, we’re all tucked up in bed,

Memories of a cold cold breeze will never leave our head, (DE & OG)

Barns close their doors and snow ploughs come,

It is the beginning of the winter fun. (BW & AM)