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Reminders for Fox Class

A Reminder that your FOX RESEARCH must be handed in by Thursday 23rd November, as we will be redrafting/creating our entries for the competition on Friday afternoon (24th Nov). Image result for fox
Make sure you are practicing your National Curriculum Spellings! I will be testing you on all of them on the week commencing 27th November! Make sure you work hard so you can see all of the progress you've made! :-)  Miss B

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In Fox class, children are expected to write down what and when they read at home (whether this is a school book or a book from home, or even the newspaper or a magazine!). The children are aware that this is their responsibility, now they are in Year 5!

All they need is a parent's signature for each read (or a bracket around the weekly reads and one signature if this saves time)!

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Below are the National Curriculum spelling requirements for both years 3&4 and years 5&6.

In Fox class, each child will choose X10 of the spellings that are not highlighted on their own personal sheet, and these will be the spellings that the children must learn for their test the following Friday.

Children highlight their own lists each week, as and when they get spellings correct, so they can see their progress!