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Spring Term

 This Term we are learning about our Local Village and Plants.



We have just completed our project on Dr Seuss' The Lorax'. we have written letters, described characters, described settings and explained why it is important to look after where we live and the people/animals/plants that live there. Take a look at our lovely new display!


After the February half term we have used texts 'The Flower', 'Jack and the Beanstalk' along with alternative fairy tales






So far this year, we have been learning about the following:


Year 1 Year 2
Addition and Subtraction Multiplication and division
Place Value to 50 statistics
Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s Shape
Height and Length Fractions



We have been learning about our school and the local village of Scotter. We have so far been looking at old photographs and looking at how different the school and the village looked. we found out that the library used to be the school! we completed a walk around our village and looked for clues of how old it was! we found lots of features!



We have been learning about Plants. We have named parts of a plant and their functions. We have also learned about seed dispersal, life cycle of a plant, evergreen and deciduous trees and looked what parts of a plant we can eat.