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Around The World - Summer Term

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Ancient Egypt - Spring Term

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The Collection Museum - photo book 1

The Collection Museum - photo book 2

The Collection Museum - photo book 3

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We will be visiting The Collection Museum on Tuesday 16th January to fully kick-start our new Egyptians Topic for this term! This is very exciting and will be a fun packed day full of new knowledge to be gained!

CLICK on the link below to play on some fun, historical games on The Collection Museum's website.

'Fox Class - Anglo Saxon Mini Museum'

This term, Fox Class have been working really hard to design and construct an Anglo-Saxon mini museum. Each team had a section of the village to concentrate on, whether it was the pig pen, the crop field or the fire pit for example. The children then designed their buildings and accessories to fit their section. Admirably, the children worked very hard during each D.T. lesson, spending lots of time on the detail and the authenticity of what they were making.

Class books we are reading, linked to the Anglo-Saxon Topic:

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Sutton Hoo Information Texts

Sutton Hoo Information Texts 1
Sutton Hoo Information Texts 2
Sutton Hoo Information Texts 3

Anglo Saxon Maps:


We looked at how the invasion of the Anglo-Saxons coming from Europe looked from the perspective of a map. We identified the different European countries that the Anglo-Saxons originated from, and then mapped out their journey to the specific par of Britain in which they settled. 

After this, we then compared the map of Britain then, to the map of Britain today.

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Anglo-Saxons - I'm An Anglo-Saxon (Song)