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Life of a Famous Person

This term, the topic we are going to be studying is 'Life of a Famous Person'. We will be linking in knowledge about Earth and Space, but more specifically focusing on space travel with Neil Armstrong!

Themes we will be covering will be the travelling itself, space food and debates behind technology today and its development. Also, we will be exploring the history of and the geography linked to space travel, as well as the 'bits behind the scenes'!

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First Moon Landing 1969

The video of the very first moon landing of the apollo 11 mission in 1969! Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the moon with his now legenday words "One small step for man, a giant leap for mankind." This is a truly amazing video and it was in 1969!!!

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We are reading Street Child as our class book this term, linking to our World War 2 Topic.

We are reading Street Child as our class book this term, linking to our World War 2 Topic. 1
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E-Safety Day!

Tuesday 7th February 2017 was E-Safety day this year, and Class 7 spent the day trying to address E-Safety issues. In the first session of the day, we discussed what E-Safety was, and what we already knew about the subject. Then, we were given a 'Dragon's Den' themed task, to create an app that would help to tackle E-Safety, helping children our own age stay safe when online. The second session was spent planning and then in the third session we had to pitch our ideas to the 'Class Dragons'(Miss Baldwin & Mrs Donson).


The Results from the class vote...

Piggy Run - 1st Place - 7 votes

Safety Store - Joint 2nd Place - 6 votes

J.C.O.G. - Joint 2nd Place - 6 votes


The results from the Dragon's Vote...

J.C.O.G. - Miss Baldwin's choice

Safety Store - Mrs Donson's choice 



J.C.O.G. 1
J.C.O.G. 2


Drag-i-corn 1
Drag-i-corn 2

The Safety Store

The Safety Store 1
The Safety Store 2

WWWFK - World Wide Web For Kids

WWWFK - World Wide Web For Kids 1
WWWFK - World Wide Web For Kids 2

Piggy Run

Piggy Run 1
Piggy Run 2

Dragon Battle

Dragon Battle 1
Dragon Battle 2

Recycling Fashion Show with Class 7 & 8


The second half of this Term, we looked at recycling and it's uses. We carried out plenty of research and then completed a design brief based on how we could develop the recycling we collect at home into an item/s of clothing. We then presented our clothing ranges down a cat walk and analysed our designs as a group at the end. Some very funky cat-walk strutting took place!

King John Drama Activity - Lincoln Castle


Below are a few images from the Lincoln Castle Trip on 22nd September 2016. We were celebrating King John this week, and were lucky enough to visit Lincoln Castle and see Lincoln's very own copy of the Maga Carta. We completed a range of activities, including the role play of the story of King John himself.