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Summer Term

Stone Age


This term's topic will be The Stone Age, We will learn about what life would have been like for people. We will look at food, clothes and homes. We will also look at the historical skills need to find out about events beyond living memory.

Spring Term

Roald Dahl


This term we will be focusing on the lifetime of Roald Dahl.

this is a great, varied topic which will allow us to explore famous people and significant moments in British History since the 1900's.


It will be exciting to study, artists, musicians, scientists, entertainers, designers and significant events in British History such as the football world cup win and the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

Autumn Term



We will learn about how mountains are formed and where in the world they can be found. We will find out about life in the mountains and we have a trip planned to an outdoor classroom to experience outdoor living as mountain dwellers.