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Summer Term 2

Week Commencing 13th July


Thursday's  English work, asks you to think about the 'Islands of your Personality'.

For your art work, I'd like you to pick one of your own Islands and think about it in more detail. Then I'd like you to draw/paint a picture of it.

I'd love to see your finished Island.

Free Choice


You have all worked hard this term on DT and art and some of you have produced some amazing Stone Age themed projects -

Well Done to all of you for that, I have loved seeing what you have produced.


For this week's art, I'm going to let you choose what you do and how you do it. I thought it might be nice for you to think about the last 3 months, the time we have all spent keeping safe in lock down, and produce a picture/painting/collage that sums up what that time means to you. 


I look forward to seeing how creative you can be!



Today I would like you to use the Exploration sheet from yesterday and complete the Re-imagine task.





This week for our joint topic and art lessons we are going to be looking at fire. There is a PowerPoint and an Exploration sheet like you are used to now. 




For the topic lesson I would like you to do the Respond task and create an advertisement.




For the art lesson I would like you to do the Re-imagine task and create some artwork to look like a fire. It could be a collage, but you can use whatever resources you have at home.

Week Commencing 15th June


Cave Art

This week for our joint art and topic afternoons, we are going to have a look at cave art. There are 2 power points and a website link as well as the exploration sheet like we had last week about Mammoths.


Cave art has been found in lots of different countries in the world, even in the U.K! Creswell Crags is in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, which really isn’t far from here at all. You can find their website here:


There is some Ice Age rock art in one of the caves there, the oldest art in the UK.


Your topic task is to use google maps or an atlas to locate some of the cave art you have seen onto a blank map.

Here’s a website that tells us about the 7 oldest Stone Age cave paintings in the world.


Choose some cave paintings that you like, and as long as you know where they were found, you can plot them onto the blank map of the world.



Your art task is taken from the exploration sheet and is to draw a cave painting to tell a story.

Or perhaps, if you have some paint, you would like to try sponge painting some hand prints as in the cave of hands.


Week Commencing 8th June 2020

The Woolly Mammoth


This week we have found you a fact file about a huge Stone Age creature, the woolly mammoth. After you have read about it, we would like you to open the exploration sheet. On here are 6 different tasks that you can do about the Mammoth. The art one is called re-imagine and asks you to design a backdrop for an exhibit in a museum of a mammoth skeleton. Have a go at any of the others that you fancy too, if you like!

Ideas for mammoth exhibits



Week Commencing 1.6.2020


This week your art/D.T and Topic lessons are going to be one project that you can spend a little longer on if you need to. 

We are going to learn about Stone Age homes. The Stone Age lasted for three and half million years, so over that time the homes changed a lot. Below is a power-point and a short video clip about what Stone Age homes might have been like and how they changed over time.


The video explains a little bit about how we know about this too.


After you have watched the clip and learnt about the types of homes the stone age people had, we would like you to have a go at drawing and labeling a Stone Age home of your own, or even making a model of one!






As part of our history topic about the Stone Age, I would like you to find out about Stonehenge.


I have attached some information about Stonehenge. If you load the PowerPoint, the quiz is better but if it doesn't load, I have uploaded a PDF version too. Also, you can use the link for further information.



Now you have learned about Stonehenge's history it is time for your task:

Re-create Stonehenge in any way you like. You could draw it, paint it or even use biscuits to create a model. Be as creative as possible!

I have attached some images above for you to use as inspiration.

Week 2


This week in art we are using the Evolution of Man as inspiration. I've attached a link to a YouTube video of someone using oil pastels to create a background and then drawing the stages of evolution on top. You can use whatever resources you have to create the background.


I've also attached a copy of the finished picture.

Week 3


In the Stone Age, people recorded and communicated through pictures which they drew onto their cave walls. They would have used mud and clay and crushed up seeds and plants to make pigment to rub onto the cave walls. Inspired by this and the picture Sophia made with mud last week, I would like you to have a go at making art using natural things. You could collect things to help you with this on your daily walk.


Week 4



This week we are going to be doing DT instead of Art. As you have learned, people who lived during The Stone Age were hunter gatherers, and this week your task is to design and make a Stone Age weapon. During that time, people made weapons with the resources that they could find around them. I would like you to have a look to see if you can find some things that you could use. The most obvious things would be stones and sticks, but if you can't find them, you could think outside of the box...


I'd love to see your creations. You can post photos into your Portfolio on ClassDojo.

Week 5


This week, inspired by our Stone Age Boy story for English, I would like you to have a go at sketching a prehistoric creature like the ones below from the book.


Spring Term



I know you all love art, and you are so good at it.

I have attached a document with lots of ideas to practice your techniques. These can take as little time or as much time as you like.


I will probably add other things for you to try as I find them. You could always pick something you'd like to try to draw and 'youtube it!' Your ships were amazing this term after we watched that clip on how to do water colour

Week Commencing 30th March

Spring Art



I think you will enjoy this one! Your task is to go outside and take a picture of something in your natural surroundings. When you come inside, you can re-create this. You can do this in any way you like. Here are a few examples.

You may choose to add colour to yours.


Another idea would be to use handheld technology such as a phone or tablet to create a pic-collage, it is a free app after all! 


Art ideas to keep you busy