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Autumn Term 2



This term we looked at the books Room on the Broom and Stubby.  We also described fireworks and wrote about we see on Bonfire Night. 





During the Mathematics sessions the children ordered numbers and used positional language.  They enjoyed describing their positions whilst playing a game of hide and seek.  The children also learnt about 2D shapes and repeating patterns. 



The children worked in teams using the Numicon to complete the Christmas tree challenge. 



Expressive Arts and Design

The children used their fingers and paint to create a poppy picture.  They also used chalk to draw a firework picture. 



Physical Development

The children moved in different ways across the bench and balanced along the bench. 


Outdoor Fun

Enhanced Provision

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Enhanced Provision  2
Enhanced Provision  3
Enhanced Provision  4
Enhanced Provision  5
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Enhanced Provision  7
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