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Autumn Term 2

Our Learning



This term, we are using the clip 'Alma' to inspire our writing.  We have written a setting description and a character description for the unknown mysterious shop keeper. We have explored how language and vocabulary choice can have an effect on the reader and thought about how we can explore characters by 'showing' rather than 'telling'. Keep an eye out for pictures of our amazing work!



This term we are learning about fractions!



As our topic is 'Around the World', we are learning about ancient civilisations - The Mayans and Ancient Egyptians. So far, we have leaned about ancient artefacts, chronology of the Egyptians and Mayns and how this fits into what we know.



We have been designing and creating our own Egyptian Death Masks! We learned about what the masks were used for and the different types that the Egyptians made. We looked at artefacts and then designed our very own. We have used a mask, cardboard and paper mache to create our masks so far! Take a look at our amazing creative skills in the pictures above!



We will be continuing with our science topic 'Evolution and Inheritance'. This term, we have taken part in lots of investigations - types of birds beaks and reepbots! We have to investigate the different types of birds beaks and look for patterns between species. We also created our own reepbots based on inherited characteristics from parents. We've had so much fun! 



Our topic this term is Islam. We have thought about rules that Muslims live by in order to live better lives and thought about our own rules that we could live by to help us lead the best lives that we can.


UKS2 'That's What Christmas Means To Me'

Instead of our usual Christmas performances this year, we are instead singing a song! Here you can listen to the song and practise ready for our wonderful performance. Kingfisher are singing the first part of the song which you can see below. Song lyrics for the whole song have been given out Friday 4th December.

That’s What Christmas Means to Me
Ba ba ba ba ba, Oh yeah!

Candles burning low
Lots of mistletoe
Lots of snow and ice
Everywhere we go
Choirs singing carols
Right outside my door

All these things and more
(All these things and more)
That's what Christmas means to me my love
(That's what Christmas means to me my love) Oh yeah!