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Wednesday 8th January 2017


A small team of Year 3 and 4 children visited Cherry Willingham Community School to take part in a Boccia competition.


Boccia is a Paralympic sport similar to bowls. Teams of 3 players are seated on a bench and have two balls each to play with the aim of getting their ball nearest to the Jack. A game consists of 3 ends with points being scored in each end according to how many of the team's balls are closer to the Jack.  For example,if there are 3 red balls closer to the Jack than any blue balls then the reds would score 3 points.

The balls are filled with plastic pellets and are like bean bags in consistency so rolling them is a skill in itself!


The team were a credit to the school and showed excellent sportsmanship and teamwork, even though the game was tricky, and we had a lot to learn about how to throw the balls.


All of the adults that went with the children were extremely proud of them for the way they persevered and how supportive they were of each other.