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Design Technology

Design and Technology

Year B 2018/9


Autumn Term


As we are studying the Romans this term, we will practice our design skills in 2 projects, one as a team and one individually.


We will work as a team to build catapults and compete to see which will throw a projectile the furthest and the most accurately!


We will work individually to design, practice and make our own mosaics from real ceramic tiles.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Spring Term


This term we will focus on Art and design as we worked 2 Design and Technology projects in the Autumn Term.

Year A 2017/8

Summer Term


We will use clay to make some tools like Stone Age people would have made and used.


Autumn term

We have a design project this term to design and make a propelled vehicle suitable for mountain terrain. 


Food Technology


Linking in with R.E. work on Hinduism we will create a banquet of foods to be eaten in the last week of the frist half term to conicide with Diwali.