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Design Technology

Design and Technology

Year B 2018/9


Autumn Term


As we are studying the Romans this term, we will practice our design skills in 2 projects, one as a team and one individually.


We will work as a team to build catapults and compete to see which will throw a projectile the furthest and the most accurately!


We will work individually to design, practice and make our own mosaics from real ceramic tiles.

Spring Term


This term we will focus on Art and design as we worked 2 Design and Technology projects in the Autumn Term.

Year A 2017/8

Summer Term


We will use clay to make some tools like Stone Age people would have made and used.


Autumn term

We have a design project this term to design and make a propelled vehicle suitable for mountain terrain. 


Food Technology


Linking in with R.E. work on Hinduism we will create a banquet of foods to be eaten in the last week of the frist half term to conicide with Diwali.