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In English we use a variety of books and visual literacy extracts to base our lessons on.  Our texts all have cross curricular links with other subjects that we teach. In lessons we create our own variety of genres (letter writing, poetry, stories, non-fiction reports) and implement the spelling, punctuation and grammar that we are learning in phonics.


We have phonics sessions daily where we reinforce spelling patterns, punctuation and grammar rules.  In year two we focus on rules such as adding a suffix to words, word types, possessive apostrophes, lists and methods to help work out how to spell something.


We also have a daily guided reading session. In these sessions we take turn reading, answer questions based on what we have read and generate our own questions. Whilst this is teacher led we also have other groups taking place; reading comprehension, spelling, reading to a partner (reinforcing reading with expression) and grammar activities.


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