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The Croods Week 2



Firstly, watch the clip below.

Attached, you will find a picture of the fire and a SCEM (Sound, Colour, Emotion and Movement) grid. After you have watched the clip, write down what you can hear, what colours you can see, how you might be feeling if you were Eep, and the movements involved. The best place to pause the clip is around 37 seconds in. Try to think of powerful words, this is your chance to collect strong vocabulary to use in your writing.



We have created some boring sentences. You will find your task on the PDF attached. Please write the date before you start and ensure your work is presented well.



Watch the clip again.


Today, your task is to write a diary entry about what happens in the clip. Please stop the clip at 1 minute and 17 seconds. If you write about the rest of the clip, you will ruin tomorrow’s task!

Remember to vary your sentence openers. Use the mat attached to help you.

You will also find my attempt at the diary entry. You can use this to help you find ideas if you are stuck.

When you have finished your work, it would be a good idea to read mine to see if you can magpie some to make yours better.

What A Good One Looks Like (WAGOLL) to help you


Yesterday, you wrote a diary entry about finding the fire. Today, you will be writing a diary entry about finding another human and how Ebe may feel about finding out there are other humans around.

As always, I have attached my attempt and you can use it to help, but not to copy.

Watch the clip from 1 minute 17 onwards and write about the rest of the clip.


Finding fire was vitally important for humans.

What could they use fire for? Try to be creative and think outside the box. You might choose to present your work as a spider diagram.


Uses of fire


Here are some SPaG activities for you to have a go at.