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In school we are teaching the children to read with fluency and accuracy, so that they can understand what they are reading. We discuss meanings of unknown words and encourage children to notice words  and subjects they haven't heard before and ask questions about what they are reading.


There are many skills involved in reading well so that you can read for pleasure.


We encourage the children to:


Read the lines - Understanding the words in context and being able to talk about what they have read on a literal level, retrieving information printed directly in the text.


Read between the lines - inferring feelings and motivations of the characters and justifying their thoughts using evidence from the text.


Read Beyond the lines - deducing things about characters, plots and authorial intent  by applying their own knowledge to situations in the text.


Please encourage your child to think about what they have read and ask questions about feelings and motivations of characters. Talk about twists in the plot, ask them to predict what might happen from they know already.



In year 3 and 4 we are all working on the same targets for writing and need to progress through them, with support to begin with  then increasingly independently until, at the end of year 4 we are able to do the majority of the learning objectives independently and consistently.


We are all learning to join our handwriting and present our work neatly, but this is only one of the parts of writing!


The content of our work needs to make sense and use the elements of the genre we are working on. The spelling and punctuation need to be increasingly accurate and complex and the children need to use more adventurous language and  sentence structures.


We also need to understand many grammatical features and terminology.




Spelling Punctuation and Grammar.


We are learning spelling rules and word families, we need to be able to classify words and use a range of prefixes and suffixes to change the use of the word. On top of these rules we have a list of  exception words that we have to be able to spell by the end of year 4. We work on these in school at least 3 x per week using Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check. We need to be able to spell those common words which are often misspelt.


The list is below.