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Whilst learning about the book We're All Wonders the children thought about what kindness is and how to be kind to others. They also wrote a character description about the main character Auggie. We learnt about verbs and adverbs and then looked at pictures from the story and wrote sentences with verbs and adverbs in. The children then thought about why they are a wonder and wrote about the reasons they are special.





Before looking at the Elmer's Weather story we looked at the pictures and discussed what was happening in each picture. The children then wrote captions including adjectives about the pictures from the story. The children then designed their own picture for the story and then wrote a caption which included a simile to go with their picture. Before looking at the book Elmer and the Flood the children looked at the first picture of the story and wrote a prediction about what they thought was happening. The next day we read the first page of the story and then the children continued the story with what they thought might happen to Elmer. 



Whilst learning about the Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain story the children retold the story using different time connectives as an opener for their sentences. The children then wrote descriptive sentences about the setting. We learnt about a main clause and that all main clauses have verbs. The children looked at pictures from the story and wrote a main clause about each picture.  The children then imagined they were the main character Ki-Pat and wrote a diary entry about what had happened.