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29.04.2019 – During today’s lesson, we had a go at making our own rocket using two different methods: one involved warm water and a vitamin-C capsule; and the other involved vinegar and a bicarbonate of soda paper bullet!

Luckily, we had videos to watch of both of these experiments going smoothly, as we came across some difficulties when trying it out ourselves! However, the ‘dos & don’ts’ for making a ‘home-made rocket’ have helped us to plan more detailed instructions.

World Book Week - Mysteries!

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During today’s lesson we were introduced to the mysteries of Harris Burdick, learning about his unexplained disappearance from the literary world! We chose one of Burdick’s drawings per pair (using other evidence that had been collected, such as: footprints, compasses, ink splats, keys etc) and created our own evidence boards. Imagining these drawings were an image from a crime scene, we analysed each and every detail within the drawings, suggesting what they could mean/show us. By the end of the lesson, we came up with some fabulous story ideas from the boards we created!

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Picture 2

The Railway Children

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Still-Life Images - The Railway Children

The Railway Children timeline

The Railway Children timeline 1
The Railway Children timeline 2
The Railway Children timeline 3
The Railway Children timeline 4
The Railway Children timeline 5
The Railway Children timeline 6
The Railway Children timeline 7
The Railway Children timeline 8

Newspaper Reporters - Role Play

Read the newspaper and see what you can learn about the world!

These are questions you could think about:

  • What type of language do they use?
  • Which bit of the newspaper interests you the most?
  • How is the writing in a newspaper different to a story?
  • What newspaper features can you find?


(Make sure you ask an adult at home before reading their newspaper!)