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This year, Fox Class have entered the 'BBC 500 Words' competition! We have spent the last three weeks exploring WW2 inspired texts (such as Goodnight Mr Tom), as well as how to build great character and setting detail into a story.

Individually, we have written 'Evacuee' themed stories, but with our own unique and creative twists! The closing date for the entries is this coming half term, when children from all over the country will be submitting their stories too!

500 Words 2020 Competition | BBC Radio 2 | CBBC

Read the newspaper and watch some news reports... see what you can learn about the world!

These are questions you could think about:

  • What type of language do they use?
  • Which bit of the report interests you the most?
  • How is the writing in a report different to a story?
  • What report features can you find?


(Make sure you ask an adult at home before reading their newspaper!)