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Home learning

Please find all the home learning activities needed for the next two weeks. As soon as the planning is completed it will be uploaded.  There is also a sub page for 'Additional Learning' which, if your child has time, are useful activities for extra bits of learning.  If there are any extra resources you would like please email or message on Dojo. 

Please upload pictures onto Class Dojo once completed to allow me time to look at it, create feedback for the class talk and just see their fabulous work! You can add it straight into their own portfolio. 


As well as the home learning each child will be rung once a week.  I will message the day on Monday and a Teams meeting will be carried out every day to provide the children with the chance to ask questions, share their work and give children feedback.  I will send a timetable out as soon as possible with the times the meeting will take place as well as an invitation on teams.  I plan on breaking the class into smaller groups to allow more time for each of the children to participate.