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Please ignore the dates on the White Rose website. I need you start this week's lessons on "Week 2", starting with fractions on a number line. We are a couple of weeks behind due to swimming and PE being in the morning.

This week we are going continue using the White Rose website. These resources have been produced especially for home learning by the people who produce some of the work we use in school. The link below will take you to their website.  

Watch the video which teaches you the concepts then click 'Get the activity'. Have a go at the questions, at least the first sheet. Once you have tried them, you can click on 'Get the answers'.


Please try your best with the activities before you look at the answers. 


This week please try the Week 2 lessons, there are enough videos and activities for one each day. You don't need to print the sheet, just write the title and the date in your maths book and write out the answers. Remember to write one digit in each box, this will make it easier to follow what you are doing.