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This week we will be doing some work about time. It will be in the same format as the week before half term. Everything that you need will be on this page. We will spend 4 days doing the White Rose sheets to remind ourselves of the basics. Then on Friday, there will be lots of different puzzles about time to have  a go at. You won't have to do them all but there is a selection to choose from. I will put some explanations to give you a clue where to start and what the answers are too. 


Hours Minutes and seconds. 


Years, Months, Weeks and Days.


Analogue to digital 12 hour clock.

Today we will be looking at what the time looks like on clocks and watches with hands and (analogue) and what that looks like on a digital clock. we will start with digital clocks that count only to 12 hours and then start again, so we need to remember to say whether the time is in the morning (AM) or in the afternoon (PM).


Analogue to digital 24 hours.

Today we will look at what time look like on a 24 hour digital clock. When using 24 hour clocks, the times start from midnight, which is 00.00 and count around the whole day, back to midnight again. So up to 23.00 (which is 11 o'clock at night) then at 23.59 it will be one minute to midnight. The clock will then change back to 00.00 at the start of the next day. There's a power point to practice with before having a go at the questions. 


Time Investigations


Below is a document of several time based investigations have a go at some of them. My favourite is the flashing lights one.