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Autumn Term


This term we will be learning about numbers and the number system. We will look at place value in depth and representing numbers with up to 4 digits in different ways. we will compare our number system with the Roman Numerals system.


We will also work on times tables facts and corresponding division facts.


We will 'tweet' what we have done in lesson time with worked examples in case you want to practice at home.

Spring Term


This term we will be learning about multiplication and division and fractions.


Homework will often follow what has been taught in class, and will be to consolidate or extend and apply the work done in school.


Please continue to practice times tables facts up to 12 x 12.

Summer Term


This term we will be learning about decimals, money, time, statistics and shape.

Our work on shape will include geometry, properties of shapes and position and direction including co ordinates.


The children should be confident in the recall of multiplication and division facts up to 12 x 12, please continue to practice these at home as they will be so helpful in all areas of the maths curriculum and provide a good basis for years 5 and 6.