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The Croods


Today, I'd like you to watch the opening scene from the film.

This introduces you to some of the characters in this family of 'Cave People'.

Pay attention to Grug and Eep because you need to think about who you agree with.

Grug feels that being in the cave is safer, and is reluctant to go outside because he thinks it's dangerous.

Eep thinks that being in the cave is boring, and she wants to be able to go outside more.


Link to the opening scene:



Now that you have watched it, you need to decide who you agree with.

Should the family stay in the cave or go outside?

Start by giving 3 reasons why they should stay in and 3 reasons why they should go out. 

Then decide which you think is the strongest argument, and what they should do.

You could use the sentence structure:

I think... because...

Remember to write the date and learning objective, To create and justify an opinion. 


Here are some useful words and phrases that could help you to structure your argument.