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History - The Stone Age

This term, our Topic is The Stone Age. I have attached the Knowledge Organiser for this topic for you to see what we will be covering.

The Stone Age Knowledge Organiser

This week, we are learning about the timeline of The Stone Age. Please read this PowerPoint which explains what chronology is and how long ago The Stone Age was. As you go through the pages, there are tasks for you to think about, please have a go at them before moving on to the next page. 

The Chronology of the Stone Age

Today's task involves placing some events from The Stone Age into chronological order. I have attached two sets of cards - one is easier and one is harder - and your job is to sort the events on the cards into the correct chronological order.

Don't worry if you can't print the cards off - just write the events and dates in your book in the correct order.

The answers are included in the documents - please try to complete the activity without looking.

Tip - when dates are BC or BCE, the bigger the number, the longer ago it was.

Chronology Cards Easier

Chronology Cards Harder