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For the next few weeks, our topic work is going to be about the food that people ate during The Stone Age.

I've attached a PowerPoint for you to look through which explains the types of food that were eaten in this period of time.

At the end it suggests that you could try stewing up some fruit with honey like the Stone Age people would have done. Soft fruits like berries work well, but apples and pears peeled and chopped would also work. Have a go at this, but only if your parents have some suitable fruit at home and agree that you can.

Now that you have seen a bit about what they eat, your task for today is to find out what Stone Age people could 'gather' all year round. Different plants will grow in different seasons, so they would have needed to find things that grow during all four seasons to be able to eat all year round. Read the information about the foods that they could eat, and sort them onto the seasons wheel. Can they eat all year round?