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This week we are going to be writing diary entries again. This time though, you can choose whose viewpoint you will take. You can choose to write as Grug or Eep. You know more about both characters now, so should be able imagine how they will react in different situations.

Today, you are going to collect some good vocabulary and then tomorrow you will practice putting it together. After that, you will finally go on to write your own diary entries.

The clip we are using this week shows a life changing event for the Croods. It happens shortly after Eep returns from her adventure where she met Guy.


Watch the clip as many times as you need to but only up to 3 minutes.

After the first time you watch it make notes about the Sound, Colour, Emotion and Movement in the clip.

I found it helpful to close my eyes and listen when I was thinking of the sound words, as I was less distracted by everything I was seeing.

Attached are the SCEM grid and a still taken from the clip

As ever there is an example to help you. Use it if you like but only magpie bits of it!