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For the last two weeks, we have been looking in detail at the characters in The Croods, thinking about what life was like in The Stone Age and trying to imagine how we would have felt in their situation.

This week, our focus is moving from the people to the animals. The Croods is not historically accurate, so some of the creatures we see in the film are not real. However, there were animals alive in that time that no longer exist. Because they lived in a time when things were different, those animals had some different features to animals that are alive now. These features are what helped them to survive. Today, I’d like you to watch this clip and look carefully at the animals that you see. Watch up to 2 minutes.

Did you see features of the different animals?

Your task for today is to choose just one of the animals from the sheet that I have attached below and identify at least 5 features that are particular to that animal. For each feature, try to think how it helps the creature to survive in its environment.

Hint – the features may include horns, tusks, teeth, eyes, fur…

You can either print the animal or draw it in the middle of the page and then draw label lines to the features.