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Adding 4 digit numbers


Look at the first 2 pages in your  Year 4 home learning booklet, there are some questions about adding two 4 digit numbers. There isn't space to write your answers in the booklet, so date the first page of your lovely new maths home learning book and write the answers there.


Remember to line your numbers up if you need to write the calculation down!


Page 1

Add up the numbers in each row of the place value grid. Then add them to find the total

Match the total to the answer in the box

Remember to start from the ones!


Page 2

 For number 1, add up the place value counters in each box.

Then add 2 boxes together to see if they make the given total, if not, try another combination.

For number 2, you need to find the missing number that means there are too many ones for the column.

For number 3, explain whether or not there is an exchange perhaps you could write a column addition to prove it?