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BBC Bitesize


This is something we use occasionally in school, but they have created a Homeschooling section with lots of ideas of things to do for all subjects.



Pobble 365


This is another valuable resource that we use in school. It has a picture for everyday of the year - some might seem quite strange, but they are designed to be thought provoking and inspire children to write creatively.

You can either use the picture as inspiration and write a story, or scroll down and find specific tasks that have been written to go with the image.

If you don't feel excites by today's picture, you can scroll through until you find one that works for you.


The Oak National Academy



This is a government-backed online learning platform which provides daily 'lessons' for children of all ages.

It is very easy to find your way around - just go to your Year Group and you will find maths and English videos and one other subject per day, just like we do. 

The lessons might not be on the topics that we are doing, but anything that you can learn is valuable and worthwhile.


Classroom Secrets


This is another resource that we use in school who have devised a home learning section. If you follow the link to your age group, you will then have the option of GPS, maths, reading spelling and history activities.




Dr Chips Daily Doses


Science, engineering and computing activities to try at home.

These are shown live every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Here is a link to all the past doses.


This will take you to the ones from this week


There will be new ones live starting from June 1st. When I get the YouTube link, I'll add it here.