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Monday and Tuesday

Art and Topic

Cave Art

This week for our joint art and topic afternoons, we are going to have a look at cave art. There are 2 power points and a website link as well as the exploration sheet like we had last week about Mammoths.


Cave art has been found in lots of different countries in the world, even in the U.K! Creswell Crags is in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, which really isn’t far from here at all. You can find their website here:

There is some Ice Age rock art in one of the caves there, the oldest art in the UK.



Your topic task is to use google maps or an atlas to locate some of the cave art you have seen onto a blank map.

Here’s a website that tells us about the 7 oldest Stone Age cave paintings in the world.


Choose some cave paintings that you like, and as long as you know where they were found, you can plot them onto the blank map of the world.



Your art task is taken from the exploration sheet and is to draw a cave painting to tell a story.

Or perhaps, if you have some paint, you would like to try sponge painting some hand prints as in the cave of hands.






This week we are continuing with the project again.

Here's the information you might need:

Follow the link below to the Raspberry pi site and learn how to create a catching game. This project should last you a few weeks.


This is a step by step guide to creating your own game.


Alternative Idea


Make a PowerPoint!

You have learned such a lot about The Stone Age now, I am sure that you could make a fascinating PowerPoint presentation to share all your knowledge. See if you can add some animations to make your words and pictures fly in or appear. See if you can make your slide transitions fun and interesting too.

Thursday - Science


Today we are learning the common and scientific names of some of our bones.







Now we have finished our set of lessons on Pilgrimage, we are going to learn about Islam. Below is a link to the National Oak Academy's Foundation Lessons. You need to Scroll down to the humanities section section on Islam. There are 8 lessons.  This week we will do lesson 1.