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British History since 1900


This week we are continuing with this term's topic, 'The Life of a Famous Person', and I'd like you to do some more research on the development of a significant piece of technology.


Without this technology, I wouldn't be able to communicate with you from my home!


It's the computer.


I'd like you to find out how computers have changed since the 1940s, and then design your own computer of the future. 




I think you will enjoy this one! Your task is to go outside and take a picture of something in your natural surroundings.


When you come inside, you can re-create this. You can do this in any way you like.


You may choose to add colour to yours. Don't forget to send your work to enquiries, I'd love to see them!


Here are a few examples.



Picture 1




This week I'd like you to continue working on coding using Scratch.

Again you can follow the link to Code Club.

Still on 'Explore Projects', in Module 1 of Scratch there is a project called 'Lost in Space' that I would like you to try.


It works in the same way as last weeks' task, but today you will be using coding to make the rocket fly across the sky.


When I was trying it out, I managed to record my voice saying 'Let's go!' as well as making the words appear on the screen. Challenge yourself:

See if you can work out the coding to do that.






The work for Year 4 is on Woodpecker Class page again this week.


Year 3: Now that we have covered the content for the plants unit, you have some challenges to complete. I am going to add a set of challenge cards with a variety of activities to complete that are based on what we have learned about plants. You can choose which ones you do, and you won't get them all done today, but if you want to do some over the next two weeks while we are not setting work, you can do them at your own pace.

As ever, please write neatly in your books, and remember to include the date and a title.



Hopefully you will have learned that John Cadbury (the founder of Cadbury's chocolate factories) was a Quaker.

When his sons (George and  Richard) took over the business in 1861, it was doing so well that they needed to build another factory.


They moved onto a site outside the city as they believed it would be a better, cleaner and healthier environment for their workers. This place was well served by rail and waterway (canal) so it was easy to transport ingredients to the factory and products out. It was a place called Bournebrook Hall.


They planned and built a community, which they called Bournville, for their workers and their families, with everything they believed would make them healthy and happy, they paid fair wages too.


More information is available here:



Task for Week 2


This week I would like you to design your own village just like George and Richard Cadbury did in  the 1860's.


If you followed the link to the Kiddle page you will have found out all the leisure facilities that were made available in and around the village of Bournville. Over 150 years later, our lives are very different from those of the workers of the Cadbury factory but we still like to have leisure time. 


So design your own 'Scotterville' or 'yournameville' with all the facilities you would like it to have. You could draw a picture and label it, or do it like a map, where you are looking at it from the sky.


Either way, please label all of the houses, shops and leisure facilities you would have there.


Remember the date and learning objective:


To design my own village like George and Richard Cadbury's Bournville.



Have fun with this and if you can, email me a picture at !