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History - The Stone Age

This term our Topic is The Stone Age. I have attached the Knowledge Organiser for this topic for you to see what we will be covering.

The Stone Age Knowledge Organiser

This week we are learning about the timeline of The Stone Age. Please read this PowerPoint which explains what chronology is and how long ago The Stone Age was. As you go through the pages, there are tasks for you to think about, please have a go at them before moving on to the next page. 

Today's task involves placing some events from The Stone Age into chronological order. I have attached two sets of cards - one is easier and one is harder - and your job is to sort the events on the cards into the correct chronological order.

Don't worry if you can't print the cards off - just write the events and dates in your book in the correct order.

The answers are included in the documents - please try to complete the activity without looking.

Tip - when dates are BC or BCE, the bigger the number, the longer ago it was.

Chronology Cards Easier

Chronology Cards Harder


Art - Stonehenge


I have attached some information about Stonehenge. If you can download the PowerPoint, the quiz will work better but if not, I have attached a PDF version too. You can also use the link for further information.




Now you have learned about Stonehenge's history, it is time for your task:

Re-create Stonehenge in any way you like. You could draw it, paint it or even use biscuits to create a model. Be as creative as possible!

I have attached some images above for you to use as inspiration.


I'd love to see what you create! 




This term we will be looking at internet safety. 


Although we try to set work that children can do independently, we thought it would be a good idea to do this together; it shouldn't take too long.


Family tech check


Together with your family, make some notes on what tech you have in your home, which ones have controls or filters on, and how much time each of you spends on each one over a couple of days.  Once you have collected this information, bring it to a family discussion so that you can all agree on the best use of the internet during this time. I have attached a link to a Family Agreement, which is an easy-to-use guide to having these conversations. By having a key role, you will all feel more empowered and invested in following the boundaries you agree together.

You can download the PDF from the first task on this link:




Year 4 - Please see Woodpecker Class page to find out what you are doing in science this term


Year 3 - This term we are going to be learning about Forces and Magnets.


I've attached a PowerPoint with a link to a video. The PowerPoint and video focus on forces as pushes and pulls. How many can you find?



Now that you have seen the PowerPoint, have a look at these sheets and identify the forces in action in the pictures.


I've also attached a board game that you could play if you are able to print it. Otherwise you could design one of your own. 




This term we are going to be learning about special places. People can have places that are special to them for different reasons.

Today I'd like you to go through the PowerPoint I have attached and think about places that might be special to you.