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At the bottom of this page, there are knowledge organisers. These are used to help with key vocabulary and important skills required for that topic.



This term, we will be working on: place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.



We will be using our History topic of WW1 to inspire writing in English this term. This will come through the use of a range of texts and clips based on WW1.



We learn about Hindu beliefs, how a Hindu’s beliefs affect their actions and about the importance of duty, family, community and society. Pupils also learn about the importance of Dharma and ways in which a Hindu might fulfil their dharma.



What was life like during WW1 and WW2?

We explore how WW1 started, the countries involved.

What life was like for soldiers in the trenches? How were animals involved? How did technology advance during this time and what difference did it make? What did the Treaty of Versailles and how did it effect Germany at the end of the war? 



In line with the 'WW1 and WW2' topic, we learn about artists famous during the WWI and WWII era. We explore their techniques. We observe, analyse and replicate some of these techniques, to produce artwork based on WW1. We also look at the art deco movement and how that influenced fashion, buildings and stained glass windows.



Our topic this term is 'Light and Electricity'. We look at how light travels and how it can be used for our benefit. We explore reflection, shadows and much more.