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In PE with Coach Marc we have been learning about finding space, changing direction and different movements. We have been hopping, skipping and jumping. We pretended we were cars and moved at different speeds when Coach Mark said different numbers. 

Monday 16th November 

This week we have been learning about movements and balancing. The children had to combine two or three movements. They then pretended to be different characters from Toy Story and had to do different movements for each character and use their arms whilst doing different movements. Coach Marc discussed how using our arms helps us to balance. 

Monday 23rd November


Today the children learnt about balancing whilst they are still. The children practiced balancing on different body parts.

Monday 7th December 


This week in the PE session with Coach Marc the children trained to be secret agents. They had to creep around, walk sideways when Coach Marc shouted wall and freeze if they heard camera. They also had to pretend to walk the tightrope. They then had to listen to the number of cameras that Coach Marc said and balance on that many body parts.