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Each week there is a new newspaper discussing current events.

There is then a poster with accompanying tasks. There are quite a lot of tasks for you to choose from; so just do one or two.


Picture News 15.5.20

Home learning tasks 15.6.20

Picture News 8.6.20

At the moment things are very different for us all, and it's okay to feel unsettled by things.

During this time it's important to look after our wellbeing, both physical and emotional. 

We can look after our physical wellbeing by going out for a walk and doing some exercise in our homes or gardens.


It's also important to look after our minds. In school we do this using mindfulness meditations, there are lots of them on YouTube. We also use mindfulness colouring sometimes. I've attached some here to print if you can - if not maybe you could use patterns to draw yourself something to colour.




I've also attached a PowerPoint and some activities to help you think about your wellbeing that would be good to look and and discuss with your families.

Bitesize Daily Lesson - Teamwork


This is a lesson designed to learn about the importance and benefits of teamwork.