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Summer Term 2


This half term is all about 'Our Beautiful World'. We are focusing on the Christian Creation Story. Each week includes ideas for a discussion with a Power Point or video clip and then a short craft activity.

In addition to these activities Year 1 children could find out about other religions and cultures, such as the Hindu Creation story, Aboriginal Creation story and the Chinese Creation story.

Summer Term 1


Ramadan is celebrated by Muslims, it is a sacred month which begins on Thursday 23rd April and ends on Saturday 23rd May.

During this time Muslims go to the Mosque, pray and read the Quran.

Throughout Ramadan Muslim people fast in the day time. They have a meal together called Suhoor before sunrise and another called Iftar after sunset.  

They use this special time to think about how to behave and act like Allah would and show consideration for others.

Eid-al-Fitr is the festival at the end of Ramadan where Muslims eat together and give gifts to each other. They also give money and food to the poor which is called Zakat.


Here are some activities you can do about Ramadan.