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Reminders for Fox Class

Your task over the next two weeks is to keep a diary from Friday 7th February – Monday 24th February.

These are some questions you may want to think about whilst writing:

  • Is my writing formal or informal?
  • What types of events/emotions/thoughts do I write about?
  • Are my diary entries for each day similar or different?
  • Is keeping a diary something I would like to continue doing? Why?

An extra task if you fancy it! – Have you ever read any books before that are written in the style of a diary? If you still have those books, or you can find an example of a diary entry that you find interesting, have a read and compare it to your own!

This task is to help you analyse your days over next week and over the half term. Think about how you feel and the achievements you make each day! J

Mrs Lynaugh



Fox Class Forest School Dates -

  • September 20th 2019
  • October 25th 2019
  • December 6th 2019
  • January 24th 2020
  • February 14th 2020
  • March 13th 2020
  • April 24th 2020
  • June 5th 2020
  • June 26th 2020

HOMEWORK (Friday 22nd November & December 2019):

Please practise your X10 spellings for this week. Please can you also practise your National Curriculum Spellings (even the ones that are highlighted, as you still need to keep practising them to keep them fresh in your memory). There will be a test on these over the next couple of weeks!

You must also keep practising your Times Tables, keeping these fresh in your memory! We will be looking on the Times Table Rock Star’s leader board next week – so good luck!

Everyone in the school is expected to read a minimum of 4 times per week. Remember, any book you read at home counts, so find something you enjoy!

Your homework this week is to learn the lyrics to the Christmas songs for our up and coming rehearsals! Please take your time to learn these, as the choir is a strong part of our performance.

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In Fox class, children are expected to write down what and when they read at home (whether this is a school book or a book from home, or even the newspaper or a magazine!). The children are aware that this is their responsibility, now they are in Year 5!

All they need is a parent's signature for each read (or a bracket around the weekly reads and one signature if this saves time)

You are expected to read X4 or more a week, as this is a whole school expectation.

HOMEWORK is due on Thursdays

READING DIARIES are due on Fridays

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The children will be given X10 spellings each week that link to the spelling rule taught during school time. These will be tested every Friday morning.


(Below are the National Curriculum spelling requirements for both years 3&4 and years 5&6)

A test of ALL of the National Curriculum spellings will be carried out each term, after which the children will be given a fresh highlighted sheet to show their progress throughout the year of the ones they have got correct! 

Every two weeks, each child will choose X10 of the spellings that are not highlighted on their own personal National Curriculum sheet, additional to their X10 weekly spellings. Every two weeks when tested, the children will highlight the spellings they got correct on the sheet in their homework book.