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We are teaching science in year groups this year in Key Stage 2, so on Thursday afternoons all of the year 4 children come to Class 6 to learn their science with Mrs Owst, Miss Ferguson and Me.

Living Things and their Habitats


Spring Term One sees us learning about living things plants and animals.


We have learned about the features of all living organisms with  MRS GREN, sorted living creatures. We  will go on to learn about how to classify plants and animals into groups using keys and branching diagrams, and how organisms adapt to their surroundings.


States of Matter


In the second half of the Autumn Term we learned about states of matter.

Solids, liquids and gases.


We learned about the molecules and how they behave in different states of matter.

Our investigations included setting up a mini water cycle in a bowl,  making ice cream, and weighing the carbon dioxide in fizzy drinks!


Great fun! The ice cream was quite tasty too, apparently!




Autumn term's topic was electricity and the children amazed us with their ability to take on the abstract concepts involved in creating electrical currents. Learning and remembering about protons, neutrons and electrons inside atoms and the role of free electrons in creating an electrical current.


The children identified electrical appliances, talked about electrical safety and made electrical circuits with switches. They even created their own pressure switch in a home made burgular alarm challenge!