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May the force be with you! We have been learning about all different types of forces and how we see them every day! Magnetism was especially fun, including lots of experiments and discussion on why they are useful to us. We have looked at friction and when it is useful, but also when it is a hindrance. 

We have learned about light and how it works. Did you know it is the fastest travelling thing in the universe?

We then learned about the different parts of plants and why they are so important to life as we know it.

Before Christmas, we learned all about rocks! We see rocks everywhere, but we take them for granted. 

We learned about sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks - you can see how we used chocolate to understand them...

We used white, milk and dark chocolate to represent sedimentary rocks.

We then, had a look at fossils. They're even older than Mr Cooke!