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From next week, I will upload some tips and ideas for one or two of the tasks on the mat per day. You can still choose to complete them all at once if you wish, or you can aim to complete the tasks which I have given support on that day. This week (WC 23.3.20) I will put help on for 3 tasks today and 3 tomorrow. So if you've been stuck, you should be able to do them now.



Please remember the Active English we do in lessons, as this will help you to complete the tasks.


a) You can do this one without much help from me 


b) Preposition - think of the image ​​​​​​


c) "a" is used when the following word begins with a consonant apart from "h".

"an" is used when the following word is begins with a vowel or "h".

Tip - If you're still unsure - read the sentence aloud using "a", then using "an" and you can usually hear which one sounds correct.


d) a suffix is a letter or letters that go on the end of the word that can change the word class, the meaning or the tense of the original word. For example: achieve -> achievement changes from a verb to an abstract noun.

E.g walk -> walked changes the tense from present to past

Present perfect - using "has" or "have" followed by the past tense version of a verb. For example: he has lived in this house for eight years.

E.g I have eaten five apples.


e) Subordinating conjunctions can go at the start of a sentence, followed by a comma, or in the middle of a sentence to join two clauses. Here is how I remember the list of subordinating conjunctions:


f) You should know what adverbs and prepositions are. Here are the Active English icons to remind you: 


Each week, I will add a SPaG mat to our page. The mats have several tasks on them. You can choose whether you answer all the tasks in one go, or to do one each day. I will add the answers on Friday so you can check how you did.

Remember to write the date and SPaG as a title in your home learning log.