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Here is this week's SPaG mat.

Remember that you can do it all in one go, or spread it through the week.

However you decide to do it, remember to write neatly in your book, and include the date and title.

a) You all know what an adverb is but if you've forgot it adds to the verb. 

b) ​​​​​​The spelling mistakes need correcting. If you need to, you can use a dictionary but be careful becauase "jym" should begin with "g" so that's where you need to look in the dictionary.



c) The start of the word is on the left, so if you are unsure about the end of the word, you could find it in the dictionary.


d) Use the Active English mat to help you. You all know what a vowel and consonant is. Remember, if the verb is in the past tense it is something which has already happened. A conjunction joins two clauses, you could use any of the FANBOYS.

Please write your answers in your Home learning book.


e) To make these words into plurals (more than one of them), you need to change the ending of the word. Which looks / sounds correct?

branch ->     branches             branchies          somehting else?

puppy ->       puppes                puppies              something else?

woman ->      womas                womies               something else?


f) Direct speech are the words that someone actually says aloud. Look at the character and think about what they might say. Remember to punctuate it correctly.