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Classroom in the Woods - Fox Class 2019

Classroom in the Woods - Fox Class 2019 1
Classroom in the Woods - Fox Class 2019 2

Upon visiting the Classroom in the Woods, not only did we get to explore the outdoors, but we were able to link our scientific knowledge of Animals and their Habitats to the experimental activities we worked through!

We were given the opportunity to conduct an experiment (using a basic set of equipment) in a way in which we thought would achieve the best results. Looking at the current of the river and the direction a rubber duck moves in, we explored the factors that both inhibited the ducks path and what made it move faster. Using our own note books, we were able to jot down our recordings in readiness to compare our results as a class at the end.

In the afternoon, we were also given the opportunity to explore the wildlife that lives in the river. Being taught a specific technique to gather the most critters we could, we then used a classification chart to identify their names and further facts about them.

'Current Investigation' - The Speedy ducks!

'River Critter' Finding!

E-Safety Day - The Dragons Den Challenge


26.03.2019Today, we took part in a Dragons Den Themed E-Safety Day, exploring how we can stay safe when using anything connected to online communication.

We explored the following questions in groups and then as a class:

  • What do we mean be e-safety and social networking?
  • How do you communicate online?
  • What games do you play online?
  • What problems/issues might we come across when online?
  • How can we make a better internet?

After the discussions that we had, we then were given a challenge to complete. We had to consider the ‘E-Safety’ problem that our group wanted to solve. Then, we had to brainstorm a simple and creative solution to this – e.g. an app, a website, an add-on, a game or quiz! Our end goal was to create a 5 minute pitch to showcase to the rest of the class (and the Fox Class Dragons!).

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The Planning Stages

Picture 1
Picture 2

Presentation Time!

World Book Day 2019 - Mystery Themed Week

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Detective Exam - The children completed an exam to prepare them for the problem solving that lay ahead!

River Raft Challenge - After the detective exam, the children had one more problem to solve, which proved rather tricky!

The Mystery of the Golden Pen – Once we were warmed up and ready to take on the role of detectives, we set off working through The Mystery Of The Golden Pen! We worked in threes to read through tweets, emails, witness statements, and a range of other clues to help build a case against one of the three suspects before writing a Suspect Report.