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Spring Term


Our topic for Geography this term is Environmental issues. We will be focusing on writing 'to entertain' this half term. We will be focusing on writing a setting description and a short story based on 'The Rabbits' by John Marsden and Shaun Tan. We will be working towards showing our work at a local bookstore so we can write for a purpose.



This term we will be focusing on geometry: fractions, decimals, percentages,  measurement, perimeter, statistics, ratio, algebra.



We will be learning all about Earth and Space this term. We will specifically be learning about our solar system. We will learn that there are 8 planets in our solar system and that they orbit the Sun which is a star. We will learn about the movement of the Earth and other planets, as well as the movement of the Moon. We will investigate how shadows change throughout the day and how day and night occur. We will also be creating models and diagrams to help us explain our learning as well as researching key scientists who contributed to modern astronomy.



We will be learning about Environment Issues this term. Our 'Big Question' is 'How did plastic come to rule the world? Our topic will be exploring key themes such as: Power, Lifestyle, Equality, Rights, Diversity, Legacy and Change. Our topic will also explore Rights and Respecting.



We will be creating visual art pieces with sculpture and photography to create an emotional response, through our environmental project.



This term, we will be learning about Christianity and the key teachings of Jesus. We will be exploring how Christian beliefs help Christians to lead a good life. We will be comparing Islam with Christianity, the origin of human beings, the ten commandments, key teachings delivered by Jesus, different types of Christians. 



We will be learning about how to use media to create videos. We will also be learning about online relationships, specifically how we communicate and how we report and support.



This term, we will be learning about Gym and Hockey.



We will be learning all about food and drink, including answering key questions in restaurants.



We will learn about South African freedom songs and how it empowers people and brings them together.