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Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion Animation.


If you want to have a go whilst you are at home, you could make a little story up and film it using a free app for Stop Motion animation.  


You will need small characters and props or just some pictures you have drawn (like Mrs Wilson). You will need to download a stop motion app and use the camera in it. (There are lots of free ones)

1. Set up your device so it won't move when you press the button to take a picture.

2. Fill the screen with a background so that you can't see any of the room you are working in. 

3. Blu-tak the characters/ props in place. (or stand them where you want them if using figures).

4. Take the first picture.

5. Move the character a TINY bit.

6. Take a new picture.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 A LOT of times!


You need between 5 and 10 frames (pictures) per second for a smooth movement.


A Narrow Escape


A short animation about a Stone age family. Follow the link below to Mrs Wilson's page and you will find her video there.