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Summer 1


As we are learning about the Ancient Greeks, we will be focusing on 'Writing to Inform'. We will be learning to write an explanation text on, 'How does UK government and democracy work?'. We will also be writing a debate on, 'Why children have the right to be listened to' and comparing this to children in Ancient Greece.



We will be revisiting previous material on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Our new learning will be focusing on statistics, ratio, properties of shapes and converting units.



Our Science this term will be focusing on living things and how they are classified. We will be learning about plants and animals and their life cycles.



This term, we will be focusing on volleyball and orienteering.



Our History topic this term is focused on Ancient Greeks and the legacy they left for us.



We will be using our sketch books this term to look at Ancient Greek art and architecture, in particular their pottery designs and their intricate columns in their buildings.


Online Safety

Children will be learning about how information can be accessed and how fake news can affect a person's emotions and behaviours.



Our french topic this term is focused on what it is like being a french student. children will learn french names of objects and equipment that is used at school as well as asking and answering common questions in french of their daily routines.



For Music, children will be learning about music and community. This is relevant to learning topics such as identity, motivation, sports, courage, comfort, feelings, psychology, values, loneliness and friendship. The unit will explore how music can play a significant part in helping us get through our daily life, in improving our quality of life and in being a part of – even shaping – our way of life.