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Summer Term 1


This term we will be looking at the books 'Naughty Bus' and 'That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown'. 







During the Mathematics sessions the children have been recognising and ordering numbers and learning about sharing and ordinal numbers. During the next couple of weeks we will be learning about money and capacity. 




Understanding the World

During the Understanding of the World sessions this term the children will be learning about Queen Elizabeth and the royal family. We have also been learning about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their new baby boy. 



The children have been thinking about special places. They have been looking  at different religions and their special places and the similarities and differences between them. The children learnt about the buildings and the special things in them. We focused on the religions of different children in the class. 




Expressive Arts and Design

During the art sessions the children will be learning about the artist Paul Klee, painting a self portrait of themselves as a queen or king, colour mixing to paint a picture and designing a new handbag for the Queen.



Physical Development 







Click on the red paint above to see what the children have been doing whilst learning about the book Naughty Bus. 

Enhanced Provision

Enhanced Provision 1