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Summer Term 1

Home Sweet Home 



We will begin the Summer Term by looking at the book Major Glad, Major Dizzy. After a virtual author visit from Andy Seed we will be doing some work based on his book Interview with a Tiger. We will then move on to looking at the book That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown. Additionally, we will be doing some work based on stories and films about bees.



In Maths we will be continuing to learn about fractions. This will be followed by learning about multiplication and division  and learning about the time.



We will be learning about significant British monarchs. We will be focusing on Queen Elizabeth II and learning about her family tree and the members of the royal family. We will also compare Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria.



This term we will be learning about different minibeasts and their body parts. The children will also learn about the lifecycles of butterflies and bees



We will be creating an art piece focusing on the artist Paul Klee. The children will also be painting a picture of themselves as a king or queen and designing a meal fit for a king and queen. Additionally, the children will also be creating art linked to the Interview with a Tiger and That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown books. 


Religious Education

This term the children will be learning about Sikhism.



We will be listening to the Friendship song and joining in with the signed version. The children will move to the pulse and rhythm and play the Glockenspiel along with the music. They will identify a variety of instruments used in different pieces of music and discuss the pitch, dynamics and tempo. 



This term we will be using ScratchJr. We will be programming a character called a Sprite to change size and direction and to move at different speeds by creating a programme with a sequence of linked instructions.


Physical Education

In P.E the children will be learning tennis skills, in addition to yoga and Zumba.




Please click on the links below to see some of the things we have been doing this term.