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Summer Term 2


This term we have been looking at the books Bee & Me which only had pictures in, The Snail and the Whale and Twist and Hop Minibeast Bop. The children have also been looking at clips from the film A Bug's Life. 



Whilst looking at the book Bee & Me we discussed friendship and the children thought about the words they think of when they think about friendship. We then used the WordFoto app and put the words on top of a class picture. 




During the last two weeks we looked at traditional tales. We read different versions of Red Riding Hood and looked at the similarities and differences, acted out the story and wrote a wanted poster and a letter to Granny from the wolf. 




During the Mathematics sessions the children have been solving maths problems by counting on and learning about directional language and halving. The children have also been using the sand timers and stopwatches on the iPad minis to measure periods of time.  We looked at the book What's the time Mr Wolf? and then learnt about o'clock and half past times. 



Understanding the World

During the Understanding of the World sessions this term the children have been learning all about minibeasts. The children have looked at the similarities and differences between the minibeasts and  found out about their body parts. They have also been learning about the life cycle of butterflies and bees.  The children enjoyed going on a minibeast hunt to find different minibeasts. The children learnt about where different minibeasts live. Over the next couple of weeks the children will be creating fact files and riddles about minibeasts. 




After going on a minibeast hunt as a class the children enjoyed searching in our outside area for minibeasts.




Whilst learning about the life cycle of a butterfly the children have been observing real caterpillars turn into butterflies. The children were very excited when the butterflies emerged from their cocoons. 



On a warm afternoon we released the butterflies.



Expressive Arts and Design 

During the art sessions the children will be learning about the artist Henri Matisse and his artwork 'The Snail' and they will be creating collages of different minibeasts. The children have also been drawing pictures of minibeasts, painting minibeasts and creating split pin minibeasts.  



Physical Development





Enhanced Provision

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Minibeast Home Learning

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Minibeast Painting

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