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Summer Term 2

Religious Education

We are continuing to learn about Sikhism this half term. We will be finding out about the Sikh naming and wedding ceremonies and the festivals Diwali and Vaisakhi. We will learn why Sikhs go on pilgrimage to the Golden Temple and find out about Guru Nanak the founder of Sikhism.



Children will be copy and clap back rhythms, they will listen to pieces of music and identify instruments and vocal accompaniment. Children will play notes on the Glockenspiel along with music and use percussion instruments to keep the beat to the music. We will be learning and using musical terms such as pitch, beat, rhythm, dynamics and tempo.


Physical Education

On Fridays we will be going over to the tennis courts to continue developing our tennis skills using plastic rackets and air flow balls and small tennis rackets and tennis balls. We will be focusing on hitting the ball in the correct direction and aiming to a partner.



This final half term we are focusing on technology- things made by people to help people. Children will identify different types of technology. We will practise logging on to the school laptops, opening a web page and shutting the laptop down. The children will develop mouse and keyboard skills and recap how to use a computer responsibly.