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For our last week of this topic, you will be learning about magnets. Hopefully all of you will have a magnet at home that you can use to explore magnetism.

I'd like you to start by testing a variety of objects around your home to see if they are magnetic. I'm sure that you all know that if something is magnetic it is attracted to a magnet.

Can you find any patterns in the types of material that are magnetic?

Once you have done that there are some clips that you can watch.


Now that you know a little bit more about magnets, there are two tasks. One needs you to have a magnet, and the other is one that you can do if you don't.

An investigation using a magnet.

If you don't have a magnet at home to use, I would like you to do some research into what magnets are used for. I am sure that you will know about some, but I'd like you to find the most surprising use that you can.