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Thursday - Science

Marie Curie


For the last two weeks of this term, we are going to learn about a scientist whose work has been very important in shaping our understanding of what is happening inside our bodies -

Marie Curie.​​​​​​


I'm attaching a Fact Sheet and a PowerPoint with lots of information about her, and some tasks. The tasks all go with the PowerPoint, but I'd like you to do some this week and some next. 


You can do the tasks in any order that you choose to.


There are some bingo cards that you can print and cut out, or make your own version if you can't print.

There's a task that involves making a skeleton - you can improvise this task with any resources you happen to

have at home.

There's also a flipbook, which is a similar design to the one we did earlier in the year when we were learning about flowers.