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Our topic this term is a geography-based one. Its title is Raging Rivers and Wonderful Water.


We will be improving our map skills by locating rivers and oceans around the world and writing fact files about them.


We will be finding out where and how a river starts and ends ...and what happens in between.


Our glossaries will help us to remember what all the specific terminology means.


As part of our investigations into water-related disasters, we will be taking a look at the effects of the most recent flood in Scotter. 


We will also consider what it is like when there is not enough water; taking a look at the work of water charities such as Water Aid.


To develop our drawing skills we will look at proportion and perspective and create pencil sketches of a river. After experimenting with shades and tones of blue, we will use what we have learnt to produce paintings on a river theme. 


Geography will be linked with science when we explore and explain the water cycle. 


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